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Legs Relaxation Exercise

Lie on your back with palms down at your sides.  After ten minutes of complete relaxation, stiffen the muscles in both legs in their entirety without moving them.

  • Begin by making the muscles a little rigid, a little more--a little more--gradually increasing the stiffness until the maximum is reached.

  • Hold the legs in this rigid state for about fifteen seconds. Note the extra ordinary sensation of tenseness throughout both legs. This feeling is present in your legs because you are doing something!

  • Now let go a little of the tension and hold it. Let go a little more and hold. Continue letting go--or "going negative," as this is called--a little at a time, observing that the sensation diminishes in intensity as you do so.

  • Then let go entirely and note that the tension in both legs disappears.

  • The absence of the feeling of tension is relaxation. Maintain this relaxation for about five minutes.

  • Repeat the tension and relaxation as about and make your observation.

  • Relax completely for about five minutes.

  • Repeat the whole process again and relax completely for remainder of practice period.

Remember: While learning to relax the legs, make sure not to perform any tensions in the arms. Keep the arms completely relaxed during the entire practice session.

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